What is the beach Hut?

 An Art Space with a difference

One day soon.. the door will open to your own Beach Hut. Our hut. It will be a space to feel at home, to create, to meet other people of similar interests and to relax over coffee and art. Together we can make it happen. It has been happening in our classes for so long, sharing our unique passions and enabling people to step into their best creative selves. We are going to try and fund a space to house our equipment and resources and to do some courses here in St. Abbs, as well as becoming a hub to start our group . Please look out for our face-book campaign and help in any way you can.

Imagine a space that welcomes you , that you feel you can be yourself in, regardless of skill or history, regardless of experience or confidence and regardless of who or what you already know…

My journey began with that precious combination of desires; to see other people reach their potential, to enjoy  learning through teaching and being inspired all day every day!! It gathered momentum as a teacher, building on skills, resilience, personal obstacles and time, which enabled me to gain wisdom and insight into other folk’s stories and in turn help in a broader creative context. I couldn’t teach as a teacher after 18 years, because my legs stopped working as they should, but I refused to give up, and the seeds of ideas  borne through the years, nurtured in sketchbooks and stumbling on, began to slowly take shape. (Separate posts will give you a more fluid story here,)  but suffice to say, the Beach Hut has existed for ever, since I was a little girl, in huts of all shapes, sizes, realms and guises..

We all have a wee creative tale, we all remember our art teacher, we all know that we can or can’t draw. Most of us have an inkling that there might be a little thing we are good at making, but lack the confidence or knowledge to push it further. Or we maybe can’t afford or find all the tools and materials needed, or the creative space to feel inspired. But a part of us might like playing with different materials, experimenting, learning new skills, thinking in a colourful way, showing the world a little part of us that we haven’t done before, using our hands, and our hearts and our button boxes.

Liz at The beach Hut is the stepping stone to help start that scary journey. Art classes can be daunting. The Art World is intimidating and complex, hard to imagine where the ordinary person can slot in and find their voice. We are here to break your preconceptions a little , enable you to see how little it matters where we fit in, or what we’ve learnt before or think we know. To give us a freedom to play. To meet other people who have been hiding too.


There is a more important aspect of why we are here. Our classes, wherever they are, if we are two, or twenty, in a church hall or in the living room, or virtually side by side through the screen on a laptop,  no matter how young or old you are, no matter whether you never paint or draw, or have experience in art, none of that matters. The door is open to all. We all help each other. You are most welcome. x

Whether its splashing paint on to firework pictures with sponge circles at 102, using your fingers to create a swirly night sky with glitter at 4, monster making key-rings with big button eyes, creating collage inspiration boards, day of the dead felt shopping bags …..We never know where the journey will lead next.. And what happens in the room is the magic stuff, not just the outcome. Our spaces are relaxed, friendly, easy and crammed full of inspiring ideas and materials. Everyone is welcome, and you can do whatever you are able to do. Bring your ideas and your own story, and we’ll supply the magic xx

“Liz classes hug you like a well worn jacket stuffed with pockets full of sweeties!”


That day

One day, you wake up and the sun is glinting through the glasses in the breakfast room at the b and b, there is a tension in the air that wasn’t there yesterday. The light is brighter, the trees have stepped into fairy-tale mode and the beach in February is warm and calm. We drank tea and ate chips, chatted to locals, and felt we had returned home. These boats had been waiting for us. The chance remark by a little old lady in a newsagents that there was one bungalow for sale, was enough. The next day we were inside, having traveled home an hour and back again, dog and child already at home in the garden, and when the agent rang to ask if there were any thoughts on the purchase.. I heard myself answering I’ll buy it. I had no money, or plan, and in twelve weeks new people would be in our current house, it having sold in two. But this was going to work. We were home.

Liz at The Beach Hut

She tells glitter spells by the sea shore

Hello!!    So delighted to have finally put this together, as it has always felt that there was sooo much I wanted to share, and find out and put into one place. There have been previous blogglets and the dedicated face-book pages, but this will be….. the beach diary / shop space/ Pandora’s box of information and diary of all things lovely which we love in our new life by the sea… in our forever home.

I am Liz Walker, artist, maker of coast inspired creations, handmade felts and textiles, cards, cushions and bags, provider of workshops of creative sparkle to makers of all ages and abilities. I was a high school teacher for 18 years, as well as having my own business after leaving Edinburgh Art College in 1994. Like many people, the life I imagined way back then , grew legs and walked the other way.. or in my case didn’t.. !!

I have arthritis, and I live on my colourful  crutches! But through a variety of set- backs, and dragon quests, something amazing happened.. When life gives you lemons… I found that I wasn’t going to give up. I found that I still existed, even on the worst days, and that there is always a way through. I am a perpetual filler- upper of half empty glasses ! My daughter and I are the hosts of creative classes for wonderful people of all shapes, sizes, ages, abilities, and  experiences!  Bringing a blend of creating and calm, to a cornucopia of places, where, sometimes, we meet you, sometimes we meet old friends, and sometimes, if we half close our eyes….. magic happens . These experiences are now limited due to the nature of my condition, and are therefore even more special and valued.

We are also Liz and Leah and we are two of a kind. Mum plus one… and best mates  … (well most of the time….!!!)  there are some dubious moments … did someone say 8 going on 18? But mostly…. adventurers and intrepid explorers of all that is inspiring….. a team, who work together to bring our idea to you. She is a helper extraordinaire and has already shown great promise in the creative and organisational skill dept! Keeping going has also been achieved with an incredible mixey bag of friends , who pop up and help, and make it all possible.

We have a newly nearly decorated  home  by the sea… we have a sack-load of experience, ideas and projects you can do with us, or in your own home. And I hope this forum might be somewhere that ideas are shared too.

We have great friends but more are always welcome!  This is the diary of what we do. This is our scrapbook, and our photo album and our space to find out what you’re up to and sometimes to stop and listen to a bit of good old fashioned wisdom….. or just to look at inspirational pictures, you can never be lonely if you are armed with a smile, an open heart and a willingness to learn……….so, grab a bucket and a crab sandwich and….. .Until we move into our dream space on the beach, this is Liz’s Beach Hut.. It’s wherever we are! !  See you soon…xxx  Love Liz